Meet the Team

Andrea Woodcock HND BSc ACSM PIEMA

Managing Director

Andrea is a Contaminated Land Scientist who specialises in project management and delivery of all aspects involved in Geo-Environmental Development. Andrea’s experience is broad-based and has included project management of large brownfield sites, including London Gateway (formerly Shell Haven Oil Refinery) and the BBC Headquarters in Glasgow.

Andrea has also worked as a Geotechnical Engineer and is familiar with a broad range of ground engineering practices. If you require a ‘one-stop shop’ of Ground Solutions in a cost-effective and timely package, these are the skills which Andrea thrives on and enjoys delivering to her Clients.

Andrea has 30 years of experience working on geo-environmental projects within the UK and in 2009 set up her own consultancy; YES – Your Environmental Solutions Ltd.

Anne Mihalop BSc ACSM PIEMA

Principal Environmental Scientist

Anne is the technical guru with all the statistical skills and more. Anne graduated from Camborne School of Mines with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Environmental Science and Technology. Since this time, Anne has gained 20 years of experience working as an Environmental Scientist in the fields of Environmental and Human Health Risk Assessment and Environmental Management. This experience has spanned the sectors of construction, mining, food manufacture and agriculture, and includes projects in the UK, Europe and Northern Asia. Anne specialises in the production of Phase 1 and 2 Contaminated Land Risk Assessments, Contamination Remediation Scheme Design, Remediation Validation Reporting, Surface and Groundwater Risk Assessment and Ground Gas Risk Assessment, with industrial expertise in Environmental Permit Submissions, Operational Environmental Management Schemes and Environmental Technical Due Diligence Reporting.

In addition to working in consultancy, Anne has worked in industry managing Environmental and Health and Safety Management Systems and Corporate Sustainability (ESG) programmes. It is estimated that Anne has written or co-authored over 1,000 technical reports with audiences including local authorities, the Environment Agency, lending institutions and private stakeholders.

Izzie Doyle BSc ACSM

Geo-Environmental Engineer

Izzie Doyle brings extensive on-site experience as a Geo-Environmental Engineer at YES Ltd., overseeing the comprehensive array of the company’s field operations. This ranges from walkover surveys, intricate site investigations, specific sampling, and remediation to validation visits, percolation testing, and gas monitoring. With a genuine passion for fieldwork, Izzie is more often found at project sites than behind a desk.

A proud alumna of Camborne School of Mines, Izzie boasts a degree in Applied Geology and Mining. She channelled her academic prowess into a practical career when she joined YES Ltd in 2018. Since then, she has seamlessly managed both expansive development projects and collaborated with small, local and first-time developers. Her adaptability ensures that every client feels at ease, no matter the scale of their project.

Clients who engage with Izzie quickly recognize her commitment to transparency and approachability. Always eager to connect, she consistently presents a friendly demeanour while ensuring that all client inquiries are addressed with clarity and precision.

Beyond her professional life, Izzie is a competitive fighter and also a devoted mother to two daughters. She has deep-rooted ties to Cornwall, having called it home her entire life.

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