YES specialises in contamination risk assessment, including Phase 1 Desk Studies, Phase 2 Site Investigations, Site Remediation Schemes and remediation validation. YES also provides a range of below-ground solutions from infiltration to geotechnical testing.

From 2023, we can Environmental Management Systems and Environmental Construction Management Plans – the latter now being requested as a planning condition.

We pride ourselves on cost-effective solutions that fit within your time frame. 

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Phase 1 Desk Studies

Phase 1 Desk Study determines the preliminary risk rating of a site and identifies whether subsequent stages of investigation are required.

Phase 2 Site Investigations

Phase 2 Site Investigation involves using intrusive techniques such as trial pitting to sample and test material on a site. Site investigations determine the presence, severity and extent of contamination identified within a Phase 1 Desk Study.

Remediation Schemes and Validation Reports

Remediation schemes detail the measures to reduce contamination risk in line with a proposed development layout. Once remediation is completed, a validation (sign off) report is produced to confirm that the risks have been adequately addressed.

Percolation Testing

Percolation testing determines the water drainage capacity of a site to inform its drainage scheme design.

Gas Monitoring

Gas monitoring uses specialist equipment to determine the presence and severity of ground gases beneath a site. These gases may originate from the site or from neighbouring sources.

Mining and Geotechnical Investigations

Mining and Geotechnical Investigations use intrusive techniques to assess the physical qualities, safety and stability of the ground beneath the site.

Topsoil Compliance Testing

Topsoil Compliance testing measures the physical and chemical suitability of soils for reuse either on or offsite.

Surface and Groundwater Risk Assessments

Surface water risk assessments are used to identify the presence and sources of contamination within a watercourse. Groundwater risk assessments determine the presence of contamination within groundwater and whether it is likely to a controlled water.

Water Supply Site Assessment Reports (SAR)

SAR reports, requested by South West Water, are used to determine the pipework material suitable for a water supply in accordance with industry thresholds.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a framework that helps an organization achieve its environmental goals through consistent control of its operations.

Environmental Construction Management Plans (ECMP)

An Environmental Construction Management Plan (ECMP) is a framework that helps an organization achieve its environmental goals through consistent control of its operations.

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