Percolation Testing

Percolation Tests (Soakaways) are a common form of ground investigation. YES carries out percolation tests in accordance with BRE 365 and Vp testing standards.

Wondering what to expect?

During a percolation test, a suitably sized machine excavated pit will be filled with water using a tractor-towed water bowser. The amount of time it takes for the pit to drain is then recorded and the results are analysed. It is standard practice to repeat the test three times per pit.

There are two types of soakaway:

  • Vp soakaway – These are used for foul water e.g. septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.
  • BRE soakaway – These are used for surface water and are much larger in size. have to handle larger volumes of water in a short period of time.

YES provides an infiltration rate with supporting graphical illustrations and spreadsheets.

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