Phase 1 Desk Studies

Phase 1 desk studies are often required as part of a planning application for a proposed development. A desk study is critical as it determines the potential risks associated with any contamination. Identifying potential contamination at an early stage is beneficial both financially and environmentally. Contamination should also be factored into any land sale transactions.

A desk study is a collaboration of site-specific data. The study will review local mining maps, environmental reports, mapping of heavy metals, local radon levels, geological information and consult historical mapping. A ‘Walkover Survey’ is a mandatory part of the planning conditions and must be carried out by a ‘competent person’ i.e. a Scientist from YES. The survey involves visually inspecting the entire site boundary. Access to the inside of all buildings (excluding residential dwellings) is critical. Clients are welcome to come and meet us during the survey, or we are always eager and ready to help ourselves.