Phase 2 Site Investigation

Site Investigations are required to quantify potential contamination and determine ground conditions. Investigations range from trial pitting and soil sampling to drilling with installations for gas monitoring.

What to expect? Typically you receive your factual report within 4 weeks.

All sites are unique and require bespoke investigation. When investigating, we adhere to planning guidance and assess the site spatially and to appropriate depths of sampling. Trial pits are sampled, logged, grid-referenced and photographed in accordance with British Standards. Soil is placed into sterile containers, labelled and couriered to an accredited laboratory for chemical analysis. A Scientist is required to carry out a statistical assessment of the laboratory results. This is the technical aspect, however, YES prides itself in delivering clear and succinct factual reports. Throughout this process, we fully communicate with the Client.

Timescales are dependent upon the scope of works, however, an interpretative report for a site investigation is typically produced within four weeks of receiving written instruction. 

If a mining investigation is required, we recommend this is done concurrently as this is the most cost-effective approach for the Client. Please see our services page for more information on Mining Investigations.

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