Topsoil Compliance Testing

Topsoil Compliance Testing measures the physical and chemical suitability of soils for reuse either on or offsite. Being able to reuse residual material both on and off-site can largely affect a development financially.

By testing the contamination levels in soil, YES can ascertain whether the material is suitable for reuse both on and off-site. If soil suitability is determined at an early stage of development, cut and fill proportions can successfully minimise off-site disposal in addition to reducing the need for the importation of new soil. Both off-site disposal and purchasing new soil can be a financial burden to a project.

In addition, if the excavated material is not required in the primary project, this can be sold to other local developments and ultimately reduce the overall development costs.

YES Ltd can determine soil suitability for reuse during a site investigation if one is required. We are also able to offer soil testing and specific Soil Suitability Reports for clients who either did not require a site investigation or are not currently developing but are interested in selling soil and need it to be certified.

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