Perran Foundry

Yes was commissioned by North Hill Estates Ltd to carry out a detailed quantitative contamination risk assessment in order to provide a remediation strategy for the former foundry site.  It had been recommended that a large amount of contaminated soil be removed from the site to landfill.

YES was able to use the latest modelling software and American databases to prove that it would be acceptable for the soil to remain in situ for the proposed amenity end use.

YES was retained as the Environmental Consultant for the ongoing monitoring works required at the site as the major restoration and development works continued.  YES carried out a P20 groundwater risk assessment to ensure the water environment would not be impacted and is carrying out an ongoing water sampling programme. 

YES supervised the infilling of an underground fuel tank.  The tank could not be removed as it was too close to the footings of a Listed Building.  Soil sampling and a contamination assessment were carried out as part of infilling and securing the tank. 

YES has carried out ongoing monitoring visits and reports, which have formed essential parts of the planning conditions and remediation of the site.